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easy to use bar graph scheduling

2020 provides the easiest to use, instant scheduling and labor costing service.  It's available 24x7, it's online and it's called HyperScheduler™.

HyperScheduler™ is a web-based scheduling system that can save business owners thousands of dollars a year caused by over and under staffing by ensuring that employees are utilized more efficiently.

Optimal Employee Scheduling

Using a simple bar graph design (example above), our HyperScheduler™ employee scheduling service speeds up the labor management process by suggesting 7-day schedules based on sales forecasts and staffing rules (e.g. minimum required hours of work).  The online scheduler allows managers to tweak shifts, plan breaks, change roles, split shifts, and change employee assignments.

Employee Labor Costing

The 2020 employee scheduling software allows you to clearly see labor cost as a percentage of forecast sales as you are creating and editing the schedule.  It makes it easy to compare actual scheduled hours with the organization's guide to theoretical staffing requirements.  Employee skill levels are entered and updated to ensure that staffing is appropriate to ensure optimal customer service.  HyperScheduler™ will give you the power of scheduling excellence, creating happy staff and ultimately a happy and healthy bottom line.

Employee Skill Set Scheduling

Try using our employee scheduling service.  With advanced features like availability, automated skill set selection and automated "lowest cost best match" costing features, you labour costs will decrease will improving service levels.

Online Scheduling Service

We are the defacto industry experts for online employee scheduling.  Don't waste your time trying to do this yourself.  Our online employee scheduling service is available 24x7, it will pay for itself before a penny leaves your pocket.

For additional information, please watch our employee scheduling tutorials or view our Employee Scheduling brochure.

HyperScheduler™ will streamline scheduling and reduce your labor costs.

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