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2020's head office is located at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Innovation Place is a successful university-related research park complex.  It is housed on 80 acres adjacent to the Sask University, building upon the regions strength in information technology, environmental and life sciences.

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2020 ITS has been providing leading edge solutions to the hospitality industry for over a decade.  From digital menu boards and web enabled video security, to a complete online back office management system and online employee scheduling service, 2020 provides pretty much everything that quick and full service restaurants, beverage and liquor outlets require to control costs and effectively manage their business.  2020 ITS is a Microsoft ® Certified Partner and an HP ® Business Partner.  The company provides 24/7 toll free support for all of their products.

Company History

Mark Thompson, B.S.P, M.B.A, is the founder, President and CEO of 2020 ITS.  After successfully launching and building the 2020 POS line of business to hundreds of clients, the company expanded its focus to provide online web based solutions.  The company also expanded its offerings by providing a digital menu board solution, an online video security system, a virtual POS console and a web based online employee scheduling service.


The company is ranked as an agile and flexible partner, a primary factor when choosing a solution that a business must confidently rely upon to generate sales, collect payment and control costs.  2020 ITS is willing to customize and tailor its solutions to specific requirements of fast food franchises and restaurant chains.  2020's long term strategy to become an integral part of the clients success and willingness to adapt their products to comply with chain requirements has enabled them to become one of the most desired hospitality solutions on the market.


2020 ITS provides the following restaurant solutions:

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