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HyperPOS™ - The Best Point-of-Sale Solution for Restaurants


HyperPOS is an easy to use, cost effective, integrated Touch Screen POS management system that provides you with the tools and information needed to effectively manage your restaurant business.

The HyperPOS™ point of sale solution has been designed for the food and liquor service industry, including food, full service restaurants, bars, franchises and chains.

For nearly a decade, 2020 ITS has provided hundreds of independent restaurants and franchise chains with solution focussed technology that has proven to improve speed of service, increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and simplify and streamline restaurant management tasks.

While 2020 ITS products and online web based solutions are enterprise class, they are not expensive.  2020 ITS also provides 24x7 hardware and software support.  All support requests are professionally managed, with tickets being issued for tracking and status update purposes.  With 2020, you talk to our A+ N+ certified support experts who are directly employed by 2020.

Each HyperPOS™ solution is customized to fit your specific operational requirements.  Since build configurations (menu items, screen designs, kitchen printers, touch screens, etc) are customized for each restaurant location, when we deliver your system, you will be receiving a highly optimized business solution that will increase your profits and streamline your business.

HyperPOS™ Restaurant POS Features and Benefits

Restaurant PC Based Touch Screen Point-of-Sale solution

POS Integrated Debit and Credit Card Processing

  • Consolidate all of your transactions into one easy to use workstation

POS Live Internet Connectivity

  • Automatic offset backup of data and immediate auditing abilities
  • Live sales transaction information uploaded every 15 minutes

Restaurant POS Cashier Touch Screen

  • User friendly design
  • Integrated employee time clock
  • Order history
  • Left or right screen orientation

Point-of-Sale Customer Displays

  • Improved order accuracy
  • Full color animated marketing information
  • Can be used for promotions

POS Kitchen Display

  • Full color kitchen displays
  • Bump Bar and Touch Screen Compatible
  • Chronological Display
  • Multiple Routing Options
  • Flexible Number of on-screen orders
  • Color Coded order Prioritizing

Restaurant POS Debit and Credit Card Processing

  • Improve customer service times
  • Process transactions online, no need for additional phone lines
  • Eliminate the cost of renting extra machines
  • Less equipment on front counter
  • Integrated system increases cash out accuracy
  • Multi-level security to prevent unauthorized usage
  • No need for keys or swipe cards
  • Potential for finger print reading and retina scanning

Restaurant Video Activity Monitoring

  • Monitor your restaurants from anywhere
  • Secure remote access
  • 24 hour image recording
  • Multi-day extended recording loop

Increase your profits, put our HyperPOS™ Restaurant Point-of-sale solution to work for you.

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