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2020 ITS RSS Feed Home - 2020 ITS home page.

Virtual Console - Members: logon to your virtual console to view live store transactions and reports, perform off-site backups, interact via inter-office messaging, watch live feeds from video security cameras and more..

HyperVision™ - Members: logon to HyperVision to perform online sales analysis, collect POS data, define sales projections, manage your inventory, perform menu costing and more.

HyperScheduler™ - Members: logon to Employee Scheduler to perform online employee scheduling, labor costing, manage employees, print word schedules, collect or enter time sheet data and more.


Restaurant POS RSS Feed

Restaurant POS - This page details our Touch Screen Point of Sale solution, it's features and benefits.

Dynamic Kitchen Prep RSS Feed

Dynamic Kitchen Prep - This page details our leading edge real time dynamic kitchen prep feature of HyperPOS™.

Restaurant Management Software RSS Feed

Restaurant Management Software - This page details our complete online back office solution, it's features and benefits.

Online Recipe Costing RSS Feed

Online Recipe Costing - This page details our menu item food and beverage costing solution, it's features and benefits.

Restaurant Inventory Control RSS Feed

Restaurant Inventory Control - This page details our Inventory Control Management solution, it's features and benefits.

Online Employee Scheduling RSS Feed

Online Employee Scheduling Software - This page details our Online Employee Scheduling solution, it's features and benefits.

Digital Menu Boards RSS Feed

Digital Menu Boards - This page details our Digital Menu Board solution, it's features and benefits.

Microsoft RMS RSS Feed

Microsoft ® RMS solution - This page details our Microsoft® RMS solution, it's features and benefits.

Restaurant Security RSS Feed

Restaurant Activity / Security - This page details our live web based video security and activity monitoring solution, it's features and benefits.


Products Summary RSS Feed

Products Summary - This page lists all 2020 ITS products.

Product Brochures RSS Feed

Product Brochures - This page provides a list of product brochures.

Service Guarantee RSS Feed

Service Guarantee - This page describes our Service Guarantee.

Restaurant Data Protection RSS Feed

Secure Restaurant Data Protection - This page details how our solution automatically backs up your data.

Online Web Services RSS Feed

Live Online Access - This page details how you can access our online restaurant management features 24x7 from anywhere.

Pricing RSS Feed

Pricing - This page details pricing.


Company Profile RSS Feed

Company Profile - This page provides information about 2020.

2020 Partners RSS Feed

Business Partners and Professional Associations - This page lists key 2020 business partners and professional associations.

2020 Team RSS Feed

Management and Staff - This page lists key members of the 2020 ITS team.

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News Announcements - Read official press releases and recent news about 2020 ITS.

News RSS Feed

Mark Thompson's Restaurant Technology Blog - Restaurant and Fast Food News, read our CEO's Blog.

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Contact Us - This page enables you to contact us.

Privacy Policy RSS Feed

Privacy Policy - This page details our privacy policy.

Terms of Use RSS Feed

Terms of Use & Service - This page details our terms of use and terms of service.

Careers RSS Feed

Careers at 2020 - This page lists careers and job opportunities currently available.


My IP Address - This page displays your IP address.

Contact Support RSS Feed

Contact Support - This page details our 24x7 toll free support number.

Tutorials and User Guides RSS Feed

Tutorials and Manuals - This page provides links to online tutorials and user guides for our restaurant management software and services.

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Site Map - You are viewing this page.