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HyperVision™ - Online Menu Costing and Recipe Costing

Recipe costing example

Inventory stock prices can sky rocket, especially produce.  The hip and loin beef markets are seasonal and prices can change up to 40% or more.  With HyperVision™ Recipe Costing (and sales mix analysis), you will know exactly how much a price change will affect your overall profitability.

Sales Mix Menu Item Costing

With slow moving menu items, menu item recipe costs can double without making much of an impact on the overall food cost percentage.  But just a slight price change on a stock item that is used in your top selling menu items can push your food cost through the roof.  HyperVision™ lets you know the impact on costs weighted by sales volume before you sell rather than waiting for historical reports.

Integrated with Purchasing and Inventory

HyperVision™ daily reports detail how price changes are affecting your daily, weekly or month to date food cost.  Since our recipe costing solution is integrated with purchasing (and electronic ordering) and POS sales (or manual projections), you will always know the current exact cost percentage of each menu item you sell and its overall impact.  With actual food invoice costs rapidly going up and down menu prices and promotions need careful price adjustment decisions.  This solution far exceeds a spreadsheet; it will pay for itself in hours.

Special Event and Buffet Menu Costing

With HyperVision™'s sales forecasting, you are coached to order just in time inventory.  Export reports to Excel to play what if scenarios when considering a promotion that discounts retail pricing.  And for special events, determining plate costs or cost per head (buffets), our solution will result in a profitable future.

Complete Restaurant Menu Costing Solution

Are you ready to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing what to expect your menu item pricing decisions will produce?  For independents, franchises, franchisors and the head office costing experts put HyperVision™ to work for you.

Online Recipe Costing

Did you know our recipe costing solution is 100% online?  There's no software to install and you can access it 24x7 from anywhere an Internet connection is available.  Our restaurant menu costing system will ensure your retail menu item pricing is optimal.  There's a ton of features, it's very easy to use, even when setting up complex recipes.  Use our solution to correct menu pricing issues, especially for your top sellers.  You will immediately save a bundle.

Knock a few points off your food cost using HyperVision™, your food and beverage costing accountant.

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