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2020 ITS guarantees 24x7 support for our POS product.

24x7 support is provided 365 days per year.

All calls are managed by a National call center, as such, we guarantee support.

Regular Business Hours Technical Support


2020 ITS provides expert technical support during regular business hours.

2020 ITS employs full time product specialists, each of whom are also available (on call) after hours (24x7).

Since it's always nice to know the people who will be assisting you, feel free to view our team members page.

To contact our technical support department, please call:

Toll Free: 1 (800) 465-2400

24x7 After Hours Technical Support

After hours, please follow the telephone system prompts to have our 24x7 experts paged to respond to your request.  Call back response time is usually 30 minutes but can vary depending upon the activity and location of the support expert being paged.

Technical Questions

Technical questions may be submitted using the form below.  Please note technical question submissions are not monitored 24x7, submissions are reviewed during regular business hours when time permits.

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Privacy Notice: The e-mail address provided above is not sold, nor provided to any third party what-so-ever, any e-mail address provided is used solely for the purpose requested, and all e-mails you receive will be directly from 2020 ITS only.